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Reference Tables for Earth Science

Table of Contents
Physical Constants Inferred Properties of Earth's Interior
Average Chemical Composition of Earth's Crust, Hydrosphere, and Troposphere Earthquake P-wave and S-wave Travel Time
Equations Dewpoint
Generalized Landscape Regions of New York State Relative Humidity
Generalized Bedrock Geology of New York State Temperature and Pressure Conversion
Surface Ocean Currents Key to Weather Map Symbols
Tectonic Plates Selected Properties of Earth's Atmosphere
Rock Cycle in Earth's Crust Electromagnetic Spectrum
Relationship of Transported Particle Size to Water Velocity Planetary Wind and Moisture Belts in the Troposphere
Scheme for Igneous Rock Identification Characteristics of Stars
Scheme for Sedimentary Rock Identification Solar System Data
Scheme for Metamorphic Rock Identification Properties of Common Minerals
Geologic History of New York State Lapse Rate


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